‘Hellspawn’ short film poster    -    Directed by Michael Demetriou   

Sickface    -    ‘Balaclava’ EP artwork and ‘DDD’ single artwork and art direction 

Igatsus     -    “Igatsus” self-titled EP artwork
, logo design and art direction


21:50 ‘Spit’         -         Spinhit: “Wrap” album release poster

Secret 7” Cover Artwork      -     Foo Fighters’  ‘This is A Call’

90’s era ‘Oakley’  Illustration    -    Featuring Eye Jacket, A-Wire, and T-Wire sunglasses.

‘Blankposter’ entry      -     Word “DREAM”

21:50 ‘Spit’ - Fictional Music Scene Project        [click to view]

Sleepa x Sickface x safe sin  -   ‘Tamagotchi’  single artwork and visualiser  

Sickface x Lucy Fer  -  ‘Danger’  single cover

‘Relic’      -    “Oevi”  

Ink illustration + etching processing

The making of   ‘Relic’  .

‘Relic’      -    “Passage of Imis”  

3D sculpted stone tablet with engraved indian ink illustration

ENTROPIC IDOL  -  ‘Chaos Cerebra’  single cover

‘Relic’      -    “Raze Ring”  

3D sculpted brass ring 

‘Relic’         -    “Laum Idol I”  

Oil painting on canvas-board 

‘Found Photo Mythology’     -    “Wreave”

Oil painting on MDF Board 

“Rend I”

Bitmap processed graphite on paper

Found Photo Mythology     -      “One of Many” 

Indian ink on layered tracing paper

‘Represent’    -    Dissertation visualisation through Metallica’s Black Album


Oil on canvas-board poster concept

SLEEPA  ‘Love Rage’  EP single covers 

BRODY LYONS    -  ‘Rose’  single cover

21:49 SPIT   ‘Line-up’  t-shirt

21:49 SPIT   ‘Mesima’  t-shirt

21:49 SPIT        Clip No Dima  -  Cip No Dima   CD insert / design

ENTROPIC IDOL     -  Labyrinthine Katabasis’  EP cover 

DOES DARK MATTER     -  ‘Hello Human’ single cover